I Was On Inside Amy Schumer for 2 minutes.

After I taped my interview a few weeks back I was really anxious about two things upon it airing: bigots and liberals attacking me or the show. My interview on Inside Amy Schumer just aired a couple nights ago. I got a lot of praise from both trans and cis gender people on Twitter (no bigots!) but ultimately I knew what was inevitably coming. Academics and SJWs were going to be offended on my behalf (and on behalf of all trans folk) because Amy and I had a very candid conversation about my body and other topics. There are people waiting to write their next think piece and a very public interview where a trans woman is asked about her genitals is a rule breaker in the social justice world. (Whether or not the person being asked happens to be a trans woman who finds it particularly empowering to discuss her body and sexuality, as do many trans people I know.)

I think the more trans visibility there is in mainstream media; the more room we will allow for individuality. Like if the trans community were the Spice Girls I’d just be the funny, raunchy one instead of me having to lie about my personal boundaries in order to better represent a community that does it’s best to operate as a whole while we get our footing in the world. But it’s still early now, and some trans people are understandably scared that the flippant sex worker is going to screw up the rebranding process. We’ve watched some feminists call porn stars sluts and whores for years because of fear that they’d undo social progress for women. I understand the fear, I just don’t necessarily agree with it. So Amy got blamed first for not being well versed on the academic trans social political rule book before interviewing me and then I started getting blamed for not vetting the questions beforehand and basically for not being offended by the questions.

One article said it was humanizing and then another one would say it was dehumanizing. (Personally, saying one trans woman equals all trans women feels a little dehumanizing.) Even pieces from progressives that defend the show are still erasing my wherewithal and intentional responses. They seem to chalk it up to me not being as politically savvy as other visible trans women in media. While that may be true, I understand full well why it didn’t bother me. It’s funny how being a sex worker can make people feel they need to do all your thinking for you. I applaud every trans woman who honors her truth whether that means talking about something or choosing not to talk about something. I personally find it empowering and healing to talk openly about my anatomy and my sexuality in a fun, carefree way with a person who’s motives I trust. Let’s not forget I was on “Inside Amy Schumer”. Believe me, I would have been much more uncomfortable had I been asked about my penis on Charlie Rose. No offense, Charlie.

In summary, It’s the internet, so I know this won’t work. But I definitely don’t want more fighting. Especially if you think it’s on my behalf.


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